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Translations into Arabic

We have received Arabic translations of OIML Recommendations from two sources - Jordanian National Standards and Syrian National Standards. Please note that for some of these files to be readable, you must have certain standard Arabic fonts installed on your computer, since they cannot be embedded in the pdf files.

V 1:2000 International vocabulary of terms in legal metrology (VIML) JISM
R 4:1972 Volumetric flasks (one mark) in glass JS 860-1992
R 7:1979 Clinical thermometers, mercury-in-glass with maximum device JS 859-1992
R 9:1972 Verification and calibration of Brinell hardness standardized blocks JS 869-1992
R 18:1989 Visual disappearing filament pyrometers JS 868-1992
R 21:1975 Taximeters JS 28-1999
R 24:1975 Standard one metre bar for verification officers JS 450-1986
R 35:1985 Material measures of length for general use JS 449-1986
R 40:1981 Standard graduated pipettes for verification officers JS 861-1992
R 42:1981 Metal stamps for verification officers JS 454-1986
R 43:1981 Standard graduated glass flasks for verification officers JS 872-1992
R 45:1980 Casks and barrels SNS 2513-2001
R 47:1979 Standard weights for testing of high capacity weighing machines JS 871-1982
R 66:1985 Length measuring instruments JS 871-1982
R 68:1985 Calibration method for conductivity cells SNS 2593-2002
R 69:1985 Glass capillary viscometers for the measurement of kinematic viscosity. Verification method SNS 464-1987
R 71:1985 Fixed storage tanks. General requirements SNS 2904-2004
R 75:2002 Heat meters SNS 2904-2004
R 76-2:1993 Nonautomatic weighing instruments. Part 2: Pattern evaluation report JS 873-1998
R 85:1998 Automatic level gauges for measuring the level of liquid in fixed storage tanks SNS 2747-2003
R 87:2004 Quantity of product in prepackages JS 1646-2005
R 105:1993 Direct mass flow measuring systems for quantities of liquids SNS 2338-2001
R 110:1994 Pressure balances SNS 2246-2000
R 114:1995 Clinical electrical thermometers for continuous measurement SNS 2147-1999
R 115:1995 Clinical electrical thermometers with maximum device SNS 2095-1999
R 120:1996 Standard capacity measures for testing measuring systems or liquids other than water SNS 2758-2003
R 125:1998 Measuring systems for the mass of liquids in tanks SNS 2431-2001