Management structure


The image below shows the OIML-CS structure within the OIML structure (click image to enlarge).


Management Committee


The OIML-CS Management Committee is responsible for the operation of the OIML-CS. Operational Document OD-01 contains the Operational Rules of the Management Committee which specify how the Management Committee shall perform its duties and responsibilities.

Management Committee Chairperson
Note: Marc Schmidt (Netherlands) is undertaking the role of Acting Management Committee Chairperson in 2024 until a Chairperson is appointed.

Management Committee Deputy Chairperson
Marc Schmidt (Netherlands) 2024-2026 (First term)

OIML-CS Executive Secretary
Paul Dixon, BIML Assistant Director

Click here for the list of Management Committee members.

Review Committee


The Review Committee is a sub-committee of the Management Committee and is responsible for reviewing applications and providing recommendations to the Management Committee.

Review Committee Chairperson
Harry Stolz (Germany)

Maintenance Group


The Maintenance Group is a permanent Working Group of the Management Committee and it is responsible for proposing amendments and improvements to OIML B 18 and to develop new, or revise existing, Operational Documents and Procedural Documents.

Maintenance Group Convener
Bill Loizides (Australia)

Test Laboratories Forum


The Test Laboratories Forum provides a platform for Test Laboratories approved under the OIML-CS. Operational Document OD-02 contains the Operational Rules of the Test Laboratories Forum which specify how the Test Laboratories Forum shall perform its duties and responsibilities.

Board of Appeal


Further information on the Board of Appeal can be found here.