BIPM/OIML Brochure on D 1


BIPM and OIML joint knowledge transfer initiative Brochure - National Metrology Systems


The BIPM/OIML Brochure, with six inserts on different aspects of the National Metrology Systems, was published within the frame of the BIPM and OIML joint knowledge transfer initiative. It was developed based on the joint BIPM/OIML publication National metrology systems - Developing the institutional and legislative framework (OIML D 1:2020), and summarises all the aspects covered by the joint publication.

The Brochure folder and the six inserts that provide additional information can be downloaded from the table below.


Download the complete Brochure with its inserts by clicking here.

The Brochure and its inserts have been written in an accessible way, and are aimed at

  • supporting Countries and Economies with Emerging Metrology Systems (CEEMS) in the implementation of this International Document,
  • underpinning Objective 5 of OIML B 15:2011 OIML Strategy on raising awareness of the contribution that a sound legal metrology infrastructure can make to a modern economy,
  • underpinning the CGPM’s Resolution 6 “On universal adherence to the Metre Convention”.

The Brochure and its inserts summarise key elements that should be considered when producing policies aimed at developing national metrology systems, setting up institutions dealing with metrology, and drawing up national laws related to metrology.

The material is available in English in a format that is suitable for printing. Files intended for professional printing are available through the BIPM and OIML secretariats.

If you wish to translate the Brochure and its inserts into other languages, please contact the CBKT or CEEMS teams for the source file and permission rights:

Mr Chingis Kuanbayev (chingis.kuanbayev [at]

Mr Ian Dunmill (ian.dunmill [at]

The BIPM and OIML thank METAS (Switzerland) for providing the funds, via the CBKT programme, to prepare the Brochure and its inserts. The content was prepared by Douglas A. OLSON (formerly NIST) and Chingis KUANBAYEV (BIPM) in consultation with Peter MASON (formerly CIML), Andy HENSON (formerly BIPM) and Ian DUNMILL (OIML).