RLMO RT 2023-09-26



The 2023 meeting of the Regional Legal Metrology Organisation Round Table (RLMO RT)
took took place online on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 from 10:00–14:00 UTC.


(Click the links to download the presentations)

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V2 - 2023-09-08


1. Welcome by the RLMO RT Chairperson

2. Roll call/Introductions (of new participants)

3. Update from the Round Table Chairperson

4. Updates from the RLMOs

  1. WELMEC (Dr. Pavel Klenovský)
  2. SIM (Ms Sandra Marcela Rodríguez)
  3. GULFMET (Eng. Amina Al Bastaki)
  4. COOMET (Mr. Marat Yunusov)
  5. APLMF (Dr. Yoshi Matsumoto)
  6. AFRIMETS (Mr. Jaco Marneweck)

5. OIML Digitalization Task Group (DTG) (Sascha Eichstaedt)

  1. Update on DTG activities
  2. OIML Seminar on “The future of OIML in the digital era”

6. 2023 RLMO RT Open Forum discussion topics:

  1. Measurements in Law Enforcement – general discussion; (Jaco Marneweck)
  2. CIML Meeting Addendum 11.2.2: Project proposal, DC electricity metering (USA) (Katya
  3. Follow-up(?) on Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) – Are there any further questions
    and feedback for Dr. Matthijs van der Wiel and Dr. Henri Schouten on EVSE activities and
    issues in the Regions. (Katya Delak)

As a reminder, the EVSE Met Talk webinar can be accessed at:

7. Coordination of E-learning activities among the RLMOs and with OIML

  1. Follow up on January 2023 presentation of ideas and issues given by Dr. Yoshi Matsumoto,
    APLMF Training Coordinator (Presenter?)
  2. Update on OIML e-learning platform (Ian Dunmill)
  3. Q&A and open discussion

8. Updates on other OIML activities

  1. Update on CEEMS AG (Jaco Marneweck)
  2. Update on OIML-CS (Paul Dixon);
  3. Update on OIML Bulletin topics (Chris Pulham);
  4. Update on Web Site and PG Workspace for the RLMO RT (Chris Pulham / Luis Mussio);
  5. Other?

9. Any other business

10. Meeting Conclusions

11. Closing remarks