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A number of Operational Documents and Procedural Documents are available for download. The document structure is shown schematically in the following figure and the documents concerned may be downloaded from the table below the diagram:


Operational Documents
Procedural Documents
OIML-CS OD-01 (Edition 1) Management Committee OIML-CS PD-01 (Edition 1) Appeals, Resolution of Complaints and Disputes
OIML-CS OD-02 (Edition 1) Test Laboratories Forum OIML-CS PD-02 (Edition 1) Approval of Legal Metrology experts and QMS experts
OIML-CS PD-03 (Edition 1) Application and approval of OIML Issuing Authorities, Utilizers and Associates
OIML-CS PD-04 (Edition 1) Assessment and approval of Test Laboratories
OIML-CS PD-05 (Edition 1) Processing an OIML Type Evaluation Report and OIML Certificate
OIML-CS PD-06 (Edition 1) Use of OIML Type Evaluation Reports and OIML Certificates
OIML-CS PD-07 (Edition 1) Transition Arrangements under the OIML-CS
OIML-CS PD-08 (Edition 1) Signing the OIML-CS Declaration