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The OIML Certification System (OIML-CS) is a system for issuing, registering and using OIML certificates and their associated OIML type evaluation/test reports for types of measuring instruments (including families of measuring instruments, modules, or families of modules), based on the requirements of OIML Recommendations.

An animated video "Introduction to the OIML Certifications System (OIML-CS) was uploaded to the OIML YouTube channel on 2023-09-29.


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<b>Search</b><br>OIML Certificates

OIML Certificates

Use the search facility to search for registered OIML-CS certificates

<b>Search</b><br>OIML Issuing Authorities

OIML Issuing Authorities

Use the search facility to search for OIML Issuing Authorities and Test Laboratories

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Utilizers and Associates

Use the search facility to search the scopes of the Utilizers and Associates

<b>Documents</b> and forms

Documents and forms

Click to view the documents and forms that support the operation of the OIML-CS

<b>Categories</b> of instruments

Categories of instruments

Click to view the table showing the measuring instrument categories in the OIML-CS and their Scheme (A or B) in the OIML-CS...

<b>Management</b> structure

Management structure

Click to view the management structure of the OIML-CS

<b>Information for</b><br>OIML Issuing Authorities

Information for
OIML Issuing Authorities

An OIML Issuing Authority is a certification body in an OIML Member State that has been approved to issue...

<b>Information for</b><br>Utilizers and Associates

Information for
Utilizers and Associates

Utilizers are national issuing authorities or national responsible bodies from OIML Member States...

<b>Information for</b><br>manufacturers

Information for

OIML Certificates are issued by OIML Issuing Authorities that fulfil the requirements of the OIML-CS...

<b>News</b><br>and Events

and Events

Click here for news and events relating to the OIML-CS

<b>Appeals,</b> complaints,<br>disputes

Appeals, complaints,

The OIML-CS is provided with an independent Board of Appeal...



For further information regarding the OIML-CS please contact the Executive Secretary...