IMEKO TC6 Conference


Metrology and digital transformation (M4Dconf2022)


International Committee of Legal Metrology

CIML 2022 No. 149/RS-cp                                                                                                                                 13 July 2022



Letter from the President
of the International Committee of Legal Metrology


Dear Colleagues,

Digital transformation in metrology is becoming an increasingly strategic topic for all areas in metrology and the quality infrastructure, and there is great demand for communication, and for sharing ideas and insights.

The upcoming IMEKO TC6 Conference Metrology and digital transformation (M4Dconf2022), scheduled to be held in September 2022, is an excellent opportunity and is a platform via which information can be shared about digital transformation. Detailed information is available on the Conference website at

The OIML is very happy to accept the invitation to support this Conference by hosting a special session on the theme of Digitalisation in Legal Metrology, organised by the recently formed OIML Digitalisation Task Group (OIML DTG). Indeed, the Conference will provide many more opportunities for the legal metrology community, and I would therefore like to invite you to share this information as widely as possible and to take part either online or in person. The Conference will be organised as a hybrid event with limited places available at the PTB’s offices in Berlin, Germany.

The deadline for the Early Bird discount is 15th July and there are now only a few remaining places for in-person attendance. You may register for the Conference at

I look forward to meeting you at the M4Dconf2022 in September 2022 and thank you for your continued interest in digital transformation.

Yours faithfully,



Dr Roman Schwartz
CIML President