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OIML-CS Seminar

A seminar on the OIML-CS will be held in Shanghai, P.R. China on 15 June 2017

The key emphasis of the event will be to provide all stakeholders with the information necessary to prepare for the new OIML-CS. This includes information on the implementation of the new OIML-CS, and the steps that potential Issuing Authorities and Utilizers will need to take to join the OIML-CS.

This Seminar will be open to invited guests from representatives of OIML member countries, representatives from RLMOs, members of the OIML-CS provisional Management Committee (prMC), potential OIML Issuing Authorities, Utilizers and Associates, manufacturers’ representatives and others who are interested in the OIML-CS.

This seminar is being held in conjunction with the second prMC meeting (13-14 June 2017) and the final OIML MAA CPR Meeting (16 June 2017).

Information on the seminar, including how to register, can be found here


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