New look for the OIML website


Dear Colleagues,

As you are no doubt aware, a significant number of developments have been made to the OIML website since the last major overhaul in 2012/2013 in order to benefit our Members and stakeholders, and to facilitate and accelerate the Organisation’s technical and certification work.

To build on these developments, and to further improve the user experience and ensure our website is in line with modern techniques and customs, we are very pleased to inform you that the OIML website has a totally new, refreshed look and feel since Sunday, 9 January 2022.

The key changes we have made are:

  • new look and feel, improved readability, and more clarity;
  • improvement of the general menu and breadcrumb navigation elements;
  • improved system messages for login/password retrieval;
  • “responsive” page structure, meaning that the website automatically adapts its layout to different screen sizes right down to mobile phone size;
  • transfer of the “My access” section to the top of the screen;
  • complete restructuring of the OIML-CS section;
  • introduction of new coding techniques for certain most-visited pages (such as the lists of publications and the certificates/OIML Issuing Authorities search tools) in order to reduce the response time and improve the search facility; and
  • update of numerous “behind-the-scenes” components of the website (such as the platforms it resides on and the plugins it uses) to provide faster response times and enhanced security, critical in this day and age.

All of this has been achieved without breaking any links you may have bookmarked.

We hope you enjoy the “new” site.

Best wishes for the New Year from the Team at the BIML.