Many countries and economies with emerging metrology systems (CEEMS) suffer from a lack of resources for the operation of a sound legal metrology system


Although these resources cannot be provided by the OIML, the Organisation supports initiatives for the development of legal metrology


To highlight the importance of metrology activities in CEEMS and to provide an incentive for their improvement, in 2009 the OIML established an Award for “Excellent achievements in legal metrology in Developing Countries”.

Following the establishment of the Advisory Group on matters of Countries and Economies with Emerging Metrology Systems (CEEMS AG), and an increased focus on OIML activities in this area, it was decided to rename the Award the “OIML CEEMS Award” from 2018.

OIML CEEMS Award - full details



Intention of the Award

The OIML CEEMS Award is intended to raise the awareness of, and create a more favourable environment for legal metrology and to promote the work of the OIML. The Award intends: “to acknowledge and honour new and outstanding activities achieved by individuals, national services or regional legal metrology organisations contributing significantly to legal metrology objectives on national or regional levels”.


Selection criteria and procedure

The criteria used to assess a candidate’s contribution or achievement include:

  • its significance and importance;
  • its novelty;
  • its attractiveness and adaptability for other legal metrology services.

The BIML draws up a list of candidates, highlighting the importance of the achievements. The Award winner is then selected by the CIML President, and announced at the next CIML meeting.


The Award

The Award consists of:

  • a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the CIML President;
  • a token of appreciation, such as an invitation to make a presentation of the Award-winning achievement at the next CIML meeting or OIML Conference at the OIML’s expense;
  • an engraved Award trophy.



Nominations for the Award are invited annually by an announcement from the BIML and in the OIML Bulletin. The award is presented at the annual meeting of the CIML, which is normally held in October.

Any individuals or organisations concerned with legal metrology, including the individual or organisation seeking the Award, may make a nomination which must contain facts, documents and arguments explaining why the candidate deserves the Award.


2021 Award

The winner of the 2021 OIML CEEMS Award is Mr Sophors Em (Cambodia). More information will be published in due course.


Past years' Awards

Click on the year to see the Award winner(s) for that year. No Awards were made in 2019.


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