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Letter from CIML President Mr. Peter Mason to CIML Members

25 September 2017

One of the proposals from the CEEMS Advisory Group that has been under consideration for some time is the creation of an “Experts database”, which we could make available via the CEEMS section of the OIML website.

The intention is that colleagues in the CEEMS community can use this database to identify experts who might be able to assist them in preparing training, technical assistance or similar activities.

The terms on which such experts could make their services available will, of course, vary greatly and it is not the purpose of the database to guarantee that experts will be available for particular projects. The OIML will not be able to vouch for the suitability of such experts in any particular case - the precise wording of the disclaimer that we will include on the website is still under discussion.

It is clear, however, that the database cannot simply operate as a commercial directory. We therefore believe that the best way to populate the database is to rely on names put forward by CIML Members themselves. If there are any queries concerning the suitability of these experts, this matter can be discussed with the Bureau.

I am writing to you, therefore, to ask whether you wish to put forward any names with a view to them being included in the database. I attach a template which has been drawn up by the AG Secretariat and I would be grateful if you could ensure that as much detail as possible is included on the template for any individuals you wish to put forward.

I will, of course, be personally available in Colombia on the occasion of our meetings in October and I will be happy to discuss this project with you.


Peter Mason
CIML President

Download the CEEMS Expert CV template