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Call for candidates – BIML Director

At its 52nd Meeting on October 9, 2017, the International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML) discussed the conclusion of the term of the current BIML Director Mr. Stephen Patoray and passed the following resolution:

“The Committee decides that the vacant position of the BIML Director be advertised at the conclusion of the 52nd CIML Meeting, following the respective regulations set out in OIML B 7:2013 BIML Staff regulations, and OIML B 13:2004 Procedure for the appointment of the BIML Director and Assistant Director, with a view that a new BIML Director be appointed at the 53rd CIML Meeting which will be held in Hamburg, Germany from October 8–12, 2018”.

Information about the OIML, the BIML, and the position of Director is given in the Annex to this circular. Candidates are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with the content of the OIML website at or

Submissions must include a detailed CV, a certified diploma, certified transcripts, two references and a personalized letter of motivation (see Annex), and should be sent directly to the CIML President no later than February 1st, 2018. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

By post to:
Dr. Roman Schwartz
CIML President
c/o OIML
11 rue Turgot
75009 Paris

By email to:

A selection committee will conduct a preselection and will invite the preselected candidates to an interview in Paris. Based on this interview, the selection committee will make a single selection to present to the CIML.

If any additional information is required regarding the selection criteria or the terms and conditions of the position, including the remuneration package, please contact the BIML Director, Mr. Stephen Patoray (


Position information

Director of the International Bureau
of Legal Metrology (BIML)


The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) is an intergovernmental treaty organization, established in 1955 in order to promote the global harmonization of legal metrology procedures that underpin and facilitate international trade. Its membership includes Member States, countries which participate actively in technical activities, and Corresponding Members, countries which join the OIML as observers. It covers some 88 % of the world’s population and 98.5 % of its economy. OIML Member State delegations, observers from Corresponding Members and some international and regional institutions assemble every four years at the International Conference on Legal Metrology to define general policy and budget for the Organization. The International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML) is the steering committee for OIML. The CIML meets annually to review the Organization’s technical progress and administrative operations. The Committee is composed of one appointed representative from each OIML Member State.

The International Bureau of Legal Metrology (BIML), located in Paris, is the Secretariat and Headquarters of the OIML, ensuring the day to day running of activities and the planning of long-term actions. It coordinates and informs Members of the CIML of technical work undertaken by OIML Technical Committees, organizes OIML Conference and Committee Meetings, and manages the finances of the Organization. Further information on OIML may be obtained from its website at and

The BIML is currently composed of the Director, two Assistant Directors and six other staff members.

The tasks of the BIML are described in the Convention establishing the OIML (Document B 1, which can be downloaded from the OIML website):


Position of BIML Director

Reporting directly to the CIML and its President, you will be leading a small but highly motivated team which is committed to removing technical barriers to international trade and enhancing the economic and social wellbeing of countries throughout the world, in particular those with emerging metrology systems. You enjoy using diplomacy and your negotiating skills to liaise with other international bodies such as WTO, CODEX, UNIDO, the World Bank and infrastructure bodies such as BIPM, ILAC, ISO and IEC in order to improve the effectiveness of the organization. You will create and nurture high-level professional relationships internationally and possess the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with stakeholders at all levels. You thrive in leading projects, whilst still being able to involve others in your decision-making process in order to make well-founded decisions based on consensus, and understand the need to report back to your hierarchy on a regular basis.

This is an exciting and challenging position that will take advantage of your:

  • experience in creating and adhering to budgets,
  • skills in project management and analysis,
  • talent for thinking strategically,
  • ability to harness information,
  • diplomacy skills while dealing with representatives of member states and officials from other organizations, and
  • skill in leading staff.


The successful applicant will possess relevant engineering or science qualifications with knowledge of legal metrology as well as financial management experience.

French is the official language of the organization and publications are available in both French and English. However, as the working language of the BIML and of the technical activities is English, fluency in English is required. The ability to read and speak French on a basic level will be necessary in order to facilitate everyday communication with BIML staff and local companies. The ability to also write French would be an advantage. Any additional foreign language ability would be welcome.

The detailed conditions are described in OIML Basic Publication B 7 BIML Staff regulations which can be downloaded from the OIML website:

The contract of the BIML Director is initially signed for a five-year period and may be renewed by the CIML if performance is considered acceptable. The position is full time and based in Paris, France. Extensive travel is involved. Candidates must be prepared to spend frequent periods away from home.



The starting salary for the position of Director is based on salary index point Scale F Grade 1 which is 1046 times the index value, which equates to approximately 135 000 euro. (the index as of August 2017 is 129.45).

For staff from countries other than France, there is an additional expatriation allowance of 14 % for singles and 18 % for married staff.

Employee social security / national insurance charges are in the range of 12 %.



Applicants must write a motivation letter in English detailing their experiences and indicating why they believe those experiences make them suitable for the position of BIML Director. In addition, the applicant must address each of the selection criteria below, preferably by means of specific examples.

  1. Details of science or engineering degree.
  2. Financial management skills including ability to create a budget and manage finances.
  3. Ability to manage a highly motivated team and foster professional development opportunities.
  4. Expertise and experience in legal metrology.
  5. Ability to shape the organization’s strategic thinking and implement a continuous improvement framework.
  6. Ability to achieve results by marshalling expertise and building organizational capability.
  7. Demonstrated personal drive and integrity.
  8. Ability to communicate with influence and negotiate persuasively in an international and multi-cultural environment.
  9. Details of language skills (English, French, other languages if any), including specification of reading, writing, speaking ability for each language


Responsibilities and duties of the BIML Director

The responsibilities of the BIML Director, as specified in the Convention, are the following:

Art. IX
The Conference shall elect from its Members, for the duration of each of its sessions, a President and two Vice-Presidents to whom is attached the Director of the Bureau, as secretary.

Art. XV
The Director of the Bureau shall be attached to [the CIML President and Vice-Presidents] as Secretary.

The Committee shall entrust its special studies, experimental research and laboratory work to the competent departments of the Member States, after having first obtained their formal agreement. If such tasks entail certain expenditure, the agreement shall specify what proportion of such expenditure shall be borne by the Organization.

The Director of the Bureau shall co-ordinate and assembles this work.

The Committee may entrust certain tasks permanently or temporarily to working parties or to technical or legal experts, acting according to methods which it shall have laid down. Should these tasks entail payment of any remuneration or indemnities, the amounts shall be determined by the Committee.

The Director of the Bureau shall take over the duties of secretariat for these working parties of expert groups.

Art. XXI
The appointment, discharge or dismissal of the Bureau’s agents and employees shall be ordered by the Director, except in so far as regards assistants appointed by the Committee, who may only be subject to such measures by decision of the Committee.

The Director shall be responsible for the working of the Bureau under the control and the direction of the Committee, to whom the Director shall be responsible and to whom the Director will present, at each ordinary session, a report on the conduct of business.

The Director shall collect the revenue, prepare the budget, be responsible for all disbursements in respect of personnel and equipment, and manage the funds.

The Director shall, by right, be secretary of the Conference and of the Committee.

Art. XXV
The Director of the Bureau shall be authorized to undertake and make payments on his own authority in respect of the Organization’s operating expenditure.
But he may not:

  • pay extraordinary expenses, or
  • draw money from the reserve established for the purpose of assuring the execution of the budget in the event of insufficient receipts,

without first obtaining the consent of the President of the Committee.

The Director’s management of the budget must be submitted to the Committee which will examine it at each of its sessions.

Download the PDF file of the announcment: adobe icon