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  • Note: Some OIML Recommendations are now presented in Adobe Portfolio format. To be able to open these documents in a Windows environment, you must download Adobe Reader DC and save the portfolio to a local directory (rather than opening it directly in your web browser). Alternatively, Foxit Reader is a free utility that can open Adobe Portfolios once they have been saved to a local directory. In a Linux environment, the contents of a Portfolio may be viewed using “Evince”, and then setting the side panel to attachments mode.

Ref. Title Edition Uploaded Status
G 1-100-en Evaluation of measurement data - Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement 2008 2009-01-07 Available
G 1-101-en Evaluation of measurement data - Supplement 1 to the "Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement" - Propagation of distributions using a Monte Carlo method 2008 2008-08-18 Available
G 1-102-en Evaluation of measurement data - Supplement 2 to the "Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement" - Extension to any number of output quantities 2011 2012-03-19 Available
G 1-104-en Evaluation of measurement data - An introduction to the "Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement" and related documents 2009 2009-10-23 Available
G 1-106-en Evaluation of measurement data - The role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment 2012 2012-10-31 Available
G 1-GUM 6-en Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement — Part 6: Developing and using measurement models 2020 2020-01-13 Available
G 2-en The metrology of hardness scales - Bibliography (P 10) 1981 2006-07-06 Available
G 3-en Factors influencing hardness measurement (P 11) 1983 2006-04-20 Available
G 4-en Hardness test blocks and indenters (P 12) 1984 2006-04-20 Available
G 5-en Hardness standard equipment (P 13) 1989 2006-04-21 Available
G 6-en The unification of hardness measurement (P 14) 1991 2006-06-21 Available
G 7-en Guide to calibration (P 15) 1989 2007-11-08 Available
G 8-en Guide to practical temperature measurements (P 16) 1991 2006-06-21 Available
G 9-en Metrology training - Synthesis and bibliography (bilingual French-English) / Formation en métrologie - Synthèse et bibliographie (bilingue français-anglais) (P 2) 1987 2007-01-23 Available
G 10-en Verification equipment for national Metrology Services (P 4) 1986 2005-06-23 Available
G 11-en Mobile equipment for the verification of road weighbridges (bilingual French-English) [11 Mb] / Equipement mobile pour la vérification des ponts-bascules routiers (bilingue français-anglais) (P 5) [11 Mb] 1992 2005-06-23 Available
G 12-en Suppliers of verification equipment (bilingual French-English) / Fournisseurs d'équipement de vérification (bilingue français-anglais) (P 6) 1987 2007-01-23 Available
G 13-en Planning of metrology and testing laboratories (P 7) 1989 2005-06-23 Available
G 14-en Density measurement 2011 2011-09-20 Available
G 15-en Guidelines for the establishment of simplified metrology regulations (P 9) 1992 2005-06-23 Available
G 16-en Guide on the categories of OIML Publications and their adoption procedures 2007 2007-07-02 Available
G 17-en Guide for CIML Members 2015 2015-02-11 Available
G 18-en Alphabetical list of terms defined in OIML Recommendations and Documents 2010 2010-09-06 Available
G 19-en The role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment decisions in legal metrology 2017 2017-02-07 Available
G 20-en Surveillance of utility meters in service on the basis of sampling inspections 2017 2017-12-19 Available
G 21-en Guidance for defining the requirements for a certification system for prepackages 2017 2017-12-11 Available