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Ref. Title Edition Uploaded Status TC/SC
D 1-en National metrology systems – Developing the institutional and legislative framework 2020 2021-02-19 Available TC CEEMS
D 2-en Legal units of measurement 2007 2007-12-03 Available TC 2
D 3-en Legal qualification of measuring instruments 1979 2002-11-07 Available TC 3
D 5-en Principles for the establishment of hierarchy schemes for measuring instruments 1982 2002-11-12 Available TC 4
D 8-en Measurement standards. Choice, recognition, use, conservation and documentation 2004 2005-05-12 Available TC 4
D 9-en Principles of metrological supervision 2004 2005-10-06 Available TC 3/SC 2
D 10-en ILAC-G24/OIML D 10: Guidelines for the determination of recalibration intervals of measuring equipment used in testing laboratories 2007 2007-05-31 Available TC 4
D 11-en General requirements for measuring instruments - Environmental conditions 2013 2013-12-18 Available TC 5/SC 1
D 12-en Fields of use of measuring instruments subject to verification 1986 2002-12-10 Available TC 3/SC 2
D 13-en Guidelines for bi- or multilateral arrangements on the recognition of: test results - pattern approvals - verifications 1986 2002-12-24 Available TC 3/SC 1
D 14-en Training and qualification of legal metrology personnel 2004 2005-05-12 Available TC CEEMS
D 16-en Principles of assurance of metrological control 2011 2011-07-18 Available TC 3/SC 2
D 17-en Hierarchy scheme for instruments measuring the viscosity of liquids 1987 2002-10-31 Available TC 17/SC 5
D 18-en The use of certified reference materials in fields covered by metrological control exercised by national services of legal metrology. Basic principles 2008 2009-01-07 Available TC 3/SC 3
D 19-en Pattern evaluation and pattern approval 1988 2002-10-31 Available TC 3/SC 1
D 20-en Initial and subsequent verification of measuring instruments and processes 1988 2002-10-24 Available TC 3/SC 1
D 21-en Secondary standard dosimetry laboratories for the calibration of dosimeters used in radiotherapy 1990 2002-10-09 Available TC 15/SC 1
D 22-en Guide to portable instruments for assessing airborne pollutants arising from hazardous wastes 1991 2002-10-07 Available TC 16/SC 4
D 23-en Principles for metrological control of equipment used for verification 1993 2002-10-07 Available TC 4
D 24-en Total radiation pyrometers 1996 2006-01-17 Available TC 11/SC 3
D 25-en Vortex meters used in measuring systems for fluids 2010 2010-06-30 Available TC 8
D 26-en Glass delivery measures - Automatic pipettes 2010 2010-06-30 Available TC 8
D 27-en Initial verification of measuring instruments using the manufacturer's quality management system 2001 2001-09-20 Available TC 3/SC 1
D 28-en Conventional value of the result of weighing in air (Revision of R 33) 2004 2005-10-28 Available TC 9/SC 3
D 30-en Guide for the application of ISO/IEC 17025 to the assessment of Testing Laboratories involved in legal metrology 2020 2020-07-07 Available OIML-CS/SC 7
D 31-en General requirements for software-controlled measuring instruments - Consolidated edition with Amendment 1 (2020) 2019 2020-09-11 Available TC 5/SC 2
D 32-en Guide for the application of ISO/IEC 17065 to assessment of certification bodies in legal metrology 2018 2018-10-16 Available OIML-CS/SC 7
D 33-en Reference standard liquids (Newtonian viscosity standard for the calibration and verification of viscometers) 2019 2020-01-07 Available TC 17/SC 5
D 34-en Conformity to Type (CTT) - Pre-market conformity assessment of measuring instruments 2019 2019-11-21 Available TC 3/SC 6
D 35-en Petroleum measurement tables 2020 2020-12-14 Available TC 8
D 36-en Pipe provers for testing measuring systems for liquids 2020 2020-12-14 Available TC 8