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  • Note: Some OIML Recommendations are now presented in Adobe Portfolio format. To be able to open these documents in a Windows environment, you must download Adobe Reader DC and save the portfolio to a local directory (rather than opening it directly in your web browser). Alternatively, Foxit Reader is a free utility that can open Adobe Portfolios once they have been saved to a local directory. In a Linux environment, the contents of a Portfolio may be viewed using “Evince”, and then setting the side panel to attachments mode.

Ref. Title Edition Uploaded Status
B 1-en OIML Convention 1968 1999-12-13 Available
B 6-1-en Directives for OIML technical work. Part 1: Structures and procedures for the development of OIML publications 2019 2019-11-21 Available
B 6-2-en Directives for OIML technical work. Part 2: Guide to the drafting and presentation of OIML publications 2019 2019-11-21 Available
B 7-en BIML Staff regulations (including Amendment 1 dated 2021-02) 2013 2021-02-26 Available
B 8-en OIML Financial Regulations 2012 2012-12-03 Available
B 11-en Rules governing the translation, copyright and distribution of OIML Publications 2007 2007-07-31 Available
B 12-en Policy paper on liaisons between the OIML and other bodies 2004 2004-04-20 Available
B 13-en Procedure for the appointment of the BIML Director and Assistant Directors 2004 2005-07-05 Available
B 14-en Procedure for the election of the CIML President and Vice-Presidents 2013 2013-12-09 Available
B 15-en OIML Strategy 2011 2011-10-26 Available
B 16-en Terms of reference for the Presidential Council 2011 2011-10-26 Available
B 17-en Policies and rules for the reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by CIML Members of Honor and invited guests in attending OIML events 2012 2012-11-21 Available
B 18-en Framework for the OIML Certification System (OIML-CS) 2018 2018-10-16 Available
B 19-en Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group on matters concerning Countries and Economies with Emerging Metrology Systems (CEEMS) 2017 2017-10-23 Available
B 20-en Rules for the use of OIML logos 2019 2019-11-21 Available
B 21-en Framework for OIML Training Centers and OIML Training Events 2019 2019-12-19 Available