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Russian Federation

Organization: VNIIMS
Type: Utilizer

Contact details

Dr. Prof. Alexander Kuzin
Bld. 46, Ozernaya Street
Moscow 119361
E-mail: Click here

Conditions for acceptance

For applying OIML type evaluation reports in the sphere of state regulation, the measuring instruments shall comply with the requirements of the Decree No. 1081 under the Federal Ministry of Industry and Energy (Minpromtorg of Russia) dated 30 November 2009.

Additional National Requirements

The additional national requirements (ANR) specified in the Table are applicable.


Measuring Instrument Category
R 117:1995 Liquids other than water
A and B
R 117:2007 Liquids other than water A and B


Measuring Instrument Category
Name of ANR
Requirement and additional test procedure reference document
Liquids other than water The limits of the allowed basic error of the columns under normal conditions, should not be more than ± 0.25 %, ± 0.4 % GOST 9018-89
Liquids other than water The limits of the permissible relative error in measuring the gross mass of commercial oil and the mass of oil products shall not exceed:
± 0.25 % - with direct and indirect methods of dynamic measurements;
± 0.25 % - for net mass of oil
GOST R 8.595-2004