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Organization: Measurement Canada
Type: Utilizer

Contact details

Diane Allan
Measurement Canada
151 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0C9
E-mail: Click here

Conditions for acceptance

Measurement Canada is not able to accept test results or evaluation reports performed or issued by Manufacturers Test Laboratories (MTLs). Measurement Canada will only accept the OIML-CS type evaluation/test reports as part of the evaluation of a device against national requirements for the issuing of a Notice of Approval.

Special requirements

The following sections, from R 76-1:2006 and the tests reports containing the test results therein, will be evaluated by Measurement Canada to ensure compliance with national requirements as allowed under the OIML-CS system. If required these sections, and others if deemed necessary, will be tested by Measurement Canada, on selected devices, to ensure compliance with national legislation.

3.2 Classification of Instruments – Accuracy Class Special (I), High (II) Variants acceptable without testing Compatibility
4.1.2 Security
4.13 Instruments for direct sales to the public
4.14 Additional requirements for price-computing instruments for direct sales to the public
4.2.2 Form of the Indication
4.5 Zero-setting and zero-tracking devices
4.6 Tare devices
7 Marking of instruments and modules


Additional National Requirements

The additional national requirements (ANR) specified in the Table are applicable.


Measuring Instrument Category
R 60:2000 Metrological regulation for load cells
A and MAA
R 60:2017 Metrological regulation for load cells
R 75:2002 Heat meters
R 76:2006 Non-automatic weighing instruments
A and MAA


Measuring Instrument Category
Name of ANR
Requirement and additional test procedure reference document
R 76:2006 Accuracy requirements:
Measurement Canada specifications contain a class of device not listed within R 76:2006. For devices of this class the performance must be contained within the tolerance listed in the reference document "R 76 OIML-CS-01 Rev.1_classIIIHD"
R 76:2006 Durability test for instruments with Max > 100 kg Measurement Canada specifications contain additional requirements not contained within R 76:2006 for durability testing for devices > 100 kg. See reference document "R 76 OIML-CS-02 Rev.2_endurance"