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Organization: Measurement Canada
Type: Utilizer

Contact details

Diane Allan
Measurement Canada
151 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0C9
Email: diane.allan[at]

Conditions for acceptance

Measurement Canada is not able to accept test results or evaluation reports performed or issued by Manufacturers Test Laboratories (MTLs). Measurement Canada will only accept the OIML-CS type evaluation/test reports as part of the evaluation of a device against national requirements for the issuing of a Notice of Approval.

Special requirements

The following sections, from R 76-1:2006 and the tests reports containing the test results therein, will be evaluated by Measurement Canada to ensure compliance with national requirements as allowed under the OIML-CS system. If required these sections, and others if deemed necessary, will be tested by Measurement Canada, on selected devices, to ensure compliance with national legislation.

3.2 Classification of Instruments – Accuracy Class Special (I), High (II) Variants acceptable without testing Compatibility
4.1.2 Security
4.13 Instruments for direct sales to the public
4.14 Additional requirements for price-computing instruments for direct sales to the public
4.2.2 Form of the Indication
4.5 Zero-setting and zero-tracking devices
4.6 Tare devices
7 Marking of instruments and modules


Additional National Requirements

The additional national requirements (ANR) specified in the Table are applicable.


Measuring Instrument Category
R 60:2000 Metrological regulation for load cells
A and MAA
R 75:2002 Heat meters
R 76:2006 Non-automatic weighing instruments
A and MAA


Measuring Instrument Category
Name of ANR
Requirement and additional test procedure reference document
R 76:2006 Accuracy requirements:
Measurement Canada specifications contain a class of device not listed within R 76:2006. For devices of this class the performance must be contained within the tolerance listed in the reference document "R 76 OIML-CS-01 Rev.1_classIIIHD"
R 76:2006 Durability test for instruments with Max > 100 kg Measurement Canada specifications contain additional requirements not contained within R 76:2006 for durability testing for devices > 100 kg. See reference document "R 76 OIML-CS-02 Rev.2_endurance"