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Organization: National Measurement Institute, Australia
Type: Utilizer

Contact details

Darryl Hines
National Measurement Institute, Australia
36 Bradfield Road
West Lindfield
New South Wales 2070
E-mail: Click here

Conditions for acceptance

The National Measurement Institute, Australia (NMIA) is not able to accept test results or evaluation reports performed or issued by manufacturers test laboratories (MTLs).

Additional National Requirements

The additional national requirements (ANR) specified in the Table are applicable.


Measuring Instrument Category
R 49:2006 Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water and hot water
R 49:2013 Water meters for cold potable water and hot water
R 60:2000 Metrological regulation for load cells
R 76:1992 Non-automatic weighing instruments
R 76:2006 Non-automatic weighing instruments


Measuring Instrument Category
Name of ANR
Requirement and additional test procedure
reference document
R 49 Additional water temperature exposure test for T30 water meters only

The test is specified in clause 7.5A here:

For the above test, NMIA will accept test results from all non-MTLs under the OIML-CS

R 49 Additional requirements for DN20 sized water meters:
- With reference to OIML R 49-1 clause 4.1.3, the value of Q3 shall be 4; and
- With reference to OIML R 49-1 clause 4.1.4, the Q3/Q1 ratio shall be at least 200