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Documentation structure

OIML B 18:2018 specifies the Framework for the OIML-CS. It is supported by two Operational Documents which specify the operational rules of the Management Committee and the Test Laboratories Forum.

These are underpinned by a set of Procedural Documents which provide the detailed procedures relating to the operation of the OIML-CS, such as accepting new OIML Issuing Authorities, approving Legal Metrology experts, issuing certificates, etc.

Application Forms have been developed to enable participation in the OIML-CS and can be downloaded from here.

A series of Templates and Guidance has also been developed for users of the OIML-CS to work with.

Refer to the tables below to download these documents.

20181016 OIML CS Document Structure


Operational Documents
OIML-CS OD-01 (Edition 3) Management Committee
OIML-CS OD-02 (Edition 2) Test Laboratories Forum


Procedural Documents
OIML-CS PD-01 (Edition 2) Appeals, Resolution of Complaints and Disputes
OIML-CS PD-02 (Edition 2) Approval of Legal Metrology experts and QMS experts
OIML-CS PD-03 (Edition 2) Application and approval of OIML Issuing Authorities, Utilizers and Associates
OIML-CS PD-04 (Edition 2) Assessment and approval of Test Laboratories
OIML-CS PD-05 (Edition 3) Processing an OIML Type Evaluation Report and OIML Certificate
OIML-CS PD-06 (Edition 3) Use of OIML Type Evaluation Reports and OIML Certificates
OIML-CS PD-07 (Edition 3) Transition Arrangements under the OIML-CS
OIML-CS PD-08 (Edition 2) Signing the OIML-CS Declaration


Clarifications and Interpretations
OIML-CS CID-01 (Edition 3) Clarifications and Interpretations Document


Translated documents
OIML B 18,
Operational Documents
and Procedural Documents
Chinese translation of OIML-CS documents


OIML Issuing Authority Peer Assessment Report
Test Laboratory Peer Assessment Report (ISO/IEC 17025:2017)
OIML Certificate template
Annex to an OIML Certificate of Conformity
OIML Issuing Authority Declaration template
OIML Utilizer Declaration template
OIML Associate Declaration template


Joint Assessment Procedures
Joint ILAC-OIML Assessment Procedure
Joint IAF-OIML Assessment Procedure


OIML-UNIDO Guidance Document on the OIML-CS (English version)
OIML-UNIDO Guidance Document on the OIML-CS (Spanish version)
Guidance Note GN-01 OIML certificate number


Process to become an OIML IA and TL
OIML IA Documentation
TL Documentation
Process to become a Utilizer
Process to become an Associate


January 2017 Bulletin Article on the OIML-CS
April 2017 Bulletin Article on the OIML-CS
July 2017 Bulletin Article on the OIML-CS
July 2017 Bulletin Article on the OIML-CS Seminar
January 2018 Bulletin Article on the OIML-CS
July 2018 Bulletin Article on the OIML-CS
April 2019 Bulletin Article on the Second OIML-CS MC meeting